Shift & Reset, entrepreneurs!

Please check out the great write-up of Shift & Reset that Martin Zwilling did on, called, It’s Time for Entrepreneurs to Shift & Reset. The beginning of his article is posted below. Please go directly to to read the rest! Thank you, Mr. Zwilling.

It’s time for more entrepreneurs to reset their focus, and shift their thinking to completely different ways of doing things. Everyone talks about innovation, but the majority of business plans I see still reflect linear thinking – one more social network with improved usability, one more wind-farm energy generator with a few more blades, or one more dating site with a new dimension of compatibility. Serious changes and great successes don’t come from linear thinking.

In searching for ways to get this message out, I came across a no excuse, no apology, new book by Brian Reich, called “Shift and Reset,” which makes some excellent points on ways to increase the range of change in a person’s thinking, or an organization’s results.