I got Mark Burnett to sit still... and endorse Shift & Reset

Bill Carter profiles super-producer Mark Burnett in today’s New York Times, describing him as the person “who more or less created the reality programming business in American television…"  The headline across the front of the business section reads: "For the Producer of ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Voice,’ There’s No Sitting Still.”

Well, I got Mark Burnett to sit still… long enough anyway to endorse my new book, Shift & Reset: Strategies For Addressing Serious Issues In A Connected Society.

His endorsement, which will appear on the back cover when the book is published next month, reads:

“Shift & Reset rises to the challenge of navigating the changing media landscape while also inspiring real and feasible change. A valuable resource for anyone trying to engage and connect with an audience in any way. I couldn’t put it down.”

I worked with Mr. Burnett on Sarah Palin’s Alaska – he created the show for TLC, I worked with the network to shape and manage online engagement throughout the series.  I know first hand the intensity and focus he brings to his projects, and I have been on the receiving end of his high expectations when it comes to the people he works with, and the work that is done. 

His endorsement of Shift & Reset means a lot to me… and I hope to you as well.