Shift & Reset Podcast at SXSW

I will be hosting a podcast at SXSW today that looks at some of the big themes trends and topics that everyone will be discussing all week in Austin – or should be discussing — and how those ideas can be used to change business, media, and maybe even the world.

I have three very smart people joining me for this conversation:

Melinda Wittstock, the Founder and CEO of NewsiT

Gemma Craven, the head of the NY team for Social@Ogilvy

Jack Madans, Project Manager at CodeForAmerica

Here is my setup/intro:

Technology and the Internet are driving significant changes to our society, and these changes are being felt by everyone. The ways people get/share information are changing - rapidly and constantly. The result is that the ways we conceive of, create, distribute, consume and share media (all forms, but especially online) are very different than just a few years ago.  This provides us with wonderful opportunities to transform and innovate how we do everything - conduct business, promote media, organize communities, and drive change.  And yet, it is obvious that we need to work collectively, and in decisively new ways, if we want to see real changes. We must broaden the scope of our concerns beyond the isolated needs of a single organization, market, or sector and instead address these challenges on a global level.

I will post more later.