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Convention Thoughts

This is the first year since 1992 that I haven’t attended the Democratic Convention – and the first time since 2000 that I haven’t attended both the Democratic and Republican Conventions.  I have watched hours of live coverage, read pages and pages of commentary and analysis.  I even hosted a radio show discussing the role of digital and social media in this year’s conventions.

Here are some quick thoughts about the first night of the Democratic Convention:

The Democrats have, thus far, orchestrated a far better convention than the Republicans (and we are only one day into the event).  Barring some sort of disaster, inside or outside of the arena/stadium in Charlotte, President Obama is likely to enjoy a far better bounce coming out of the convention that Mitt Romney.  A benefit for sure of scheduling your convention a) after Labor Day (when people are back, preparing to return to school and work, and generally focused again on things that matter in the world), and b) after the Republicans (so you can see how their speakers lacked energy and failed to mention their candidate by name enough – and make adjustments before you take the stage).  Factoid: Michelle Obama’s speech generated more tweets-per-minute than Mitt Romney (a measure of nothing beyond how many tweets people posted, not as some suggest a reflection of voter intent or similar, but still). 
I have been asked why Deval Patrick didn’t give the keynote. Answer: Because a) he is from Massachusetts, b) he doesn’t represent a voting block (African Americans) that the President needs help to win (compared to Hispanics), and c) he’s not an up-and-coming star in the party, he is already a star.  That said, he gave the best speech of the night – Michelle had the best delivery, but she needed a few more substantive points to knock it out of the park.
Bill Clinton will be the main attraction tonight… but, the Giants and Cowboys also kick off the NFL season. Unless Clinton’s speech falls during half time, I would expect the audience for football to dwarf the convention audience.  I hope I am wrong.

Tonya Hall Show: Friday, May 11, 2012

I have the honor and privilege of guest-hosting the Tonya Hall Show again today.  The show is all about embracing the power of social media, everything happening on the world wide web and how the internet is changing our lives.

On today’s show we’ll be talking about three topics: 1) the 2012 election… and how this cycle is shaping up to be different (beyond just the tools that people are using).  2) Obama vs. Romney… and what each campaign can/should be doing to use digital/social media to gain an advantage, and 3) the online influence of outside groups (including the media)… and how the accessibility of social media to everyone impacts how the election will be decided. 

My guest is David Almacy.  David is a senior vice president for Edelman.  Prior to joining Edelman, David was the White House Internet and E-Communications director under President George W. Bush.  In that role, he managed online communications strategy, served as an official spokesman for Internet press and bloggers and acted as a liaison to the federal government Web manager community. He was also the primary owner of the White House Website ( and spearheaded its comprehensive redesign in March 2007.

Just last week, David was named one of the top 50 people in politics to follow by the Huffington Post. 

For more information about David, read his blog - CapitalGig - or follow him on Twitter.

I will post notes and links about the topics we discussed after the show…