Time to Re-Think Pink

It is almost October. That means Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and all it’s pink-washing goodness - will soon descend upon the world.

Breast cancer is a very serious health issue that impacts millions of people around the world. We need to find a cure. We need to do everything in our power to support those who are battling and surviving breast cancer - and even more to encourage and mobilize people to get checked and take steps to prevent or treat breast cancer early.

What we don’t need to do - I would argue - is continue to raise awareness about breast cancer in the same ways we always have. What we need to do is re-think pink.


I am helping organize a thought-project around breast cancer awareness with the Chronicle of Philanthropy… and I am inviting you to participate.

Here is the plan:

We are soliciting specific ideas focused on what can be done to transform Breast Cancer Awareness Month – and move the entire effort beyond such a heavy focus on awareness. 350 words max, 50 word bio. That’s it.

We will be organizing the ideas around different desired outcomes beyond awareness – money raised for specific areas of need, deeper knowledge/understanding among key audiences, measurable increase in women being tested, etc. There will also be some focus on the NFL and other broad marketing/advertising efforts that are ostensibly geared towards attracting interest from women.

Whatever you want to write about, we’ll happily accept. Editing will be very minimal - just copy editing to make sure everything sounds right. The real idea is to push out some new ways of thinking and talking about this stuff.

We will post the ideas on Philanthropy.com starting next week/week after. Who knows, maybe some of the contributions will be published in the print edition of the Chronicle of Philanthropy as well.

What do you think? Would you be willing/able to participate? Do you have ideas about how to re-think our approach to pink?

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.