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Fans have greater access to sports than ever before, but the coverage and analysis of major professional sports primarily serves the interests of die-hard fans. There are 175+ million casual sports fans in the United States, and billions more worldwide, that are being left out of the sports conversation.

Thinking About Sports explains core sports concepts, provides important context about match-ups, and shares insights to help fans better understand and enjoy the game. We provide original and curated content, including commentary from experts - coaches, current and former athletes, media, and other fans. Our goal is to help all fans develop a better appreciation for and understanding of sports by giving them the information and experiences they want and need to enjoy the game.

Sportocracy PodcastA podcast that refined trash talk at the intersection between sports and everything else, including books, television, politics, technology, science, fashion, you name it. Hosted by Brian Reich, produced by Sam Seder, proud member of the Majority.FM family. (2015-16)

Displaced FanBlog posts and t-shirt ideas on what it's like to be a "displaced" (e.g. not located where your team is) during baseball season. (2015)


Chalk Talk: Early test of Thinking About Sports concept. Content was mixture of editorial features and video interviews that explained the rules of the game, nuances and subjective decision-making by managers, coaches, and players, and different aspects of baseball that make it an exciting game to watch. (2012-13)


The HacksThe official "unofficial" fan group for the sport of curling in the United States.

Hit the Broom: A platform (including website, podcast, and e-book) to provide curling's growing fan base a place to learn, share, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the sport. (2014-15, including 2014 Winter Olympics coverage)


Spike the Ball: Observations and insights for casual fans about the National Football League. (2013-14 Season)


Clumsy TouchA blog dedicated to soccer for the casual fan. (2014, including World Cup coverage)